Building quickly

A quick update before I head off to bed:

It looks like we’ll be getting three laying hens this weekend. They’re Silky crosses, and should be quiet and calm. They’re already of laying age, so it’ll be easier getting to know the way chickens work and such.

This weekend I gathered all the supplies for cage building and started on this fairly large project. I managed to finish one rabbit cage in its entirety (a whole 30x30x18 inches). It’s much larger than I anticipated, which reassures me that it will be large enough for comfortable and humane living quarters for my future rabbits.

I had a few helpers whilst building these cages: Finnegan, my Weimaraner liked to watch me work and offer me encouragement by asking me to rub his belly.



Dimitri, my pet Satin Angora rabbit showed me how much room I have given the future rabbits by trying out the semi-finished cage. He only weighs about 6 lbs. American Chinchilla rabbits weigh on average between 9-12 lbs. Nearly twice his size!


I will soon be the proud owner of a breeding trio of American Chinchilla rabbits, a rare breed of meat and fur rabbits which only have about 50 or so new rabbits registered per year.

The finished product:



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