Big changes

Today, we picked up a trio of laying hens. They’re a mixture of silkies and other breeds. Wow, what a change that makes. My mum and I built a mini-aviary to blend in with our backyard, as we are not sure if chickens are actually allowed where we live. (Here’s hoping that they remain fairly quiet!) The aviary has taken all morning, and most of the afternoon to build. It’s made from green plastic chicken fencing, and tonnes of zipties.


Mum was rather frightened of the larger hen. She has huge feet! (And a rather intimidating stare.) I’m really hoping that they stay rather quiet, and that our dogs don’t bother them as much as they have been today. Finnegan in particular has been constantly visiting their home to verify that they are, indeed, there.

As for naming them, since my father has yet to be notified (this is a trial come surprise for him), we figured that giving a tip of our hats to him via naming rights is what is most appropriate. Therefore, somehow we will figure out which is which of these three names: Thunderbolt, Lightfoot, and Condor. Although, Condor will probably go to the little golden one.




Building this aviary was rather strenuous. It is most probably not perfect, but it’ll do for now.

I am truly hoping that this all works out. Tonight my family is visiting a Greek festival, and I’m going to eat lamb. Have a good day, all!


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