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A lot has happened in the past couple of months, and I don’t have time to go over all of it right now. My house burnt down in the Caughlin Fire back in November, and I lost all but one buck of my herd.

Last week, I picked up a new Am. Chin. doe, who was bred to a different buck up in Oregon.

I’ll be leaving town for the Summer for an internship. This starts on May 16th.

After finals, I’ll go over everything that’s happened. I’m just thankful that my family, and dogs are safe.


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Gut-wrenching nerves

Today, I’m having a mini-freak out session. For some odd reason, the new chickens seem louder than the one’s we’ve had for a week and a half now. I know, intellectually, that they are the same level of soft cooing, but it is starting to make me nervous. We have a set of neighbors who are notoriously rude, mean, and demanding so I don’t want them to file “noise complaints” or anything of the sort. This weekend, we’ll be building a bigger run and a bigger coop for the chickens on the other side of the backyard. Much closer to where I keep my rabbits. And, yes, the rabbits are doing splendidly. They are adorable, and oh so friendly. Every morning when I come out to feed and water them, they start running around their cages, jumping up at the door, and trying their best to get pets from me. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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New beginnings, an introduction.

This is a newly started blog by a young woman with very little experience in the agricultural community. I am currently located in Southwest, but have moved frequently throughout my life. I’ve had all sorts of “normal” pets in my life, and am learning about livestock now in my spare time. Unfortunately, this spare time is quite small, as I am a research technician at a local university and am pursuing a BS in Engineering.

I have two dogs, who are rather bizarre, much like myself and a rescued angora rabbit named Dimitri Mendeleev. I believe is may be a satin angora, but I’ll never be certain. I have two more years of studying before I graduate, and am located in a small city. I live with my (somewhat) large family and we’re a rowdy bunch. I’m trilingual, and I love learning anything and everything. In the next few weeks, I’ll give you a glimpse of my life and projects I’m working on at present.

Until then.

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