Exhausted morning


Svetlana, our only American Chinchilla doe.

This morning I awoke to my mum frantically knocking on my door telling me that three rabbits had escaped. The big boys. I quickly got out of bed and dressed before running up to the rabbitry and corralling those three bucks and setting them back where they belong. I soon discovered that they managed this escape by pushing up on their metal feeder, and watching it fall over. Somehow, those guys were able to fit in a two inch by three inch hole. Jerks.

Today is a clean up day, and I have to get a lot done for my job. Hopefully it all pans out, as my laptop is still being fixed due to a virus it caught. Life on the mini-farm.

A quick view of my rabbitry: (the cages are now raised on bricks and we will have a pvc hutch built for them this weekend)


Red Forest Rabbits


The young bucks, Igor and Wolfgang.


The "big boys", Rasputin, Godwyn, and Sigurd.


The girls, Svetlana, Mina, and Josephina.


Another shot of the big boys relaxing.


Finnegan enjoying his new charges. He loves guarding this herd.


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