Gut-wrenching nerves

Today, I’m having a mini-freak out session. For some odd reason, the new chickens seem louder than the one’s we’ve had for a week and a half now. I know, intellectually, that they are the same level of soft cooing, but it is starting to make me nervous. We have a set of neighbors who are notoriously rude, mean, and demanding so I don’t want them to file “noise complaints” or anything of the sort. This weekend, we’ll be building a bigger run and a bigger coop for the chickens on the other side of the backyard. Much closer to where I keep my rabbits. And, yes, the rabbits are doing splendidly. They are adorable, and oh so friendly. Every morning when I come out to feed and water them, they start running around their cages, jumping up at the door, and trying their best to get pets from me. It’s a wonderful feeling.


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