We are starting a new breeding program for a very rare breed of heritage rabbit, the American Chinchilla rabbit. They were quite popular back in the 1920’s and 1930’s, immediately after the creation of the breed in 1919. This was due to their unique banded coat which was bred to resemble the chinchilla coat for the fur industry and their ability to produce high quality meat. Bucks weigh between an average of 9-11 lbs, and does 10-12 lbs. Since this is clearly a meat rabbit, the ideal body type is that of the commercial rabbit.

American Chinchillas are very friendly, and not easily startled. They are also inquisitive and intelligent. Does produce large litters, generally between 7-10 per kindling.

Our rabbitry has six pure bred American Chinchillas, two New Zealand crosses, and a single neutered Satin Angora. Eventually, we would like to branch into a Giant Angora breeding program, as they are rather rare as well.


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