An end to a reign

The giant, terrifying hen was finally caught this evening at 8:20 pm. It took five adults to corral her whilst she was roosting on top of the aviary. I went around back into the brush to flush it out, and my husband ended up coming back there as well. My two siblings came at it from either side, whilst my mum ended up catching it, albeit reluctantly. She was the only person not excited and willing to catch that silly hen. Mum saw that she was the only one in reach, and grabbed for the hen’s leg which caused the hen to fall over sideways and completely freak out. Her caws could be heard all around, which we did not want to continue. My husband jumped the fence, scrambled over about eight feet of bramble and scooped the hen up into his arms and covered her head to calm her. Then, walking back through the brush to the front of the aviary, he placed her inside. Of course, she immediately ran to the other side and hid behind their mini coop.

Thank goodness. It was a tough job and it took at least twenty minutes to accomplish. We used the cover of dusk to aid us, as chickens have very poor eyesight in the dark.

Earlier today, I picked up some grass hay to use around the house for various things. It’s currently by the cord of firewood we have here now, but I’ll be using it for mulch, the chicken coop, the chickens’ nesting box (which is a cleaned out covered litter box), and for the rabbits. I’ll be planting garlic this November! Perhaps I’ll even consider planting some sort of grain.


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